Looking forward to growing up

Just wanted to say that. I didn´t want to grab the car today -that was offered by my father when we were about 25 min home and I had to cross half the town to get to destination- and I flipped. I got scared. I didn´t dare.

How come things don´t happen when I want them to? Sounds childlish, and I don´t care. Today I just wasn´t ready to grab the car, especially since my best friend had a car accident last saturday. Can´t imagine if that ever happens to me.

But it´s part of growing up, I know. Things can go wrong. When did I become a coward? Has anybody seen where I left my courage? More than courage, it´s the duty of growing up. It´s somewhere, I know. I am determined to find it.

Meanwhile, I would like to take the car out first around my neighbourhood, it´s a very moody Vitara and I don´t want to panic in the middle of the avenue with my dad by my side. My mom is better for that situation.

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